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Oh Soooo Sweet is a military spouse owned and operated home bakery located at West Point. We specialize in sweets for USMA Cadets and special/everyday events for the West Point community.


Unfortunately Oh Soooo Sweet will be shutting down operations on Thursday 20 December 2018. Due to a change in West Point Garrison policy, we can longer provide sweets to the West Point Community and the Corps of Cadets via our in-home bakery.

It has truly been an honor to bake and deliver sweets to the many Cadets and Cadet Candidates we have watched grow into amazing adults and officers over the years, and to those we helped celebrate new milestones with promotion ceremonies, anniversaries, birthdays, and births. This bakery has been such a joy to be a part of.We have always taken pride in being able to help our West Point community whether it be through regular deliveries, donations of sweets to Chaplains Time and the O’Neill High School football team, or simply participating in many other community events and fundraising efforts. This bakery has not only served as a business offering sweets, it has also been a wonderful opportunity for the military spouses involved in its creation, daily operations, and growth. Oh Soooo Sweet gave several military spouses the chance to become entrepreneurs/small-business owners and to be able to use their creativity and skill to bring a little extra happiness to the community. THANK YOU to the West Point Cadet/Cadet Candidate families and the local community for your unwavering support of our small in-home bakery. Without your kindness, loyalty, and support, we would not have been able to become a staple at West Point for the last 6 years. Although we are devastated that we will not get the opportunity to continue on with you for your upcoming events and milestones, please know you are always in our thoughts and we wish you all nothing but the best!

Kind Regards,

Stephanie Flores

Owner & Pastry Chef

Oh Soooo Sweet – West Point, NY


Thank you all for your support!